SEO Strategies To Help Solicitors Gain More Clients

If you run or work in a solicitor’s practice, you will be aware of the importance of gaining new clients to expand your business. These days most people search online when they need specialist help to solve a problem or to complete the necessary legal paperwork and processes when required. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that your particular areas of expertise are easily found by those who need your services. This can be achieved by using search engine optimisation to boost your rankings. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use SEO in your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service offered by Google that allows them to list businesses at the top of the search results that best match the requirements of anyone searching for answers online. As a firm of solicitors, you will want to claim your business profile and ensure it is optimised to give you the best exposure. The way you can do this is to add all the details relating to your business, as well as images and videos, as these will all be good indicators to Google as to how much relevance they should give you in their search results.

Keyword Research

If you want people to find your business when searching online, it is important that you understand what their problems are and what kind of requests they are making. Keyword research will help you to structure your website in a way that is providing potential clients with what they want and how you can help them. For solicitors, this is particularly important as you will have areas in which you specialise which you will want to match to potential client enquiries. In addition, you should look to also include keyword phrases that include your location as people will often start by looking for solicitors in their area.

Creating Good Content

An important ranking factor for Google is good user experience and this can often be identified by how long a website visitor stays on your site. Therefore, creating informative content that is relevant will help both your business and how you rank in the search engines. The content should be easy for a visitor to digest and longer articles tend to be seen as having more authority, so try to provide as much helpful advice as possible. This has the added benefit of making it more likely that someone will contact you to use your legal services.

Onsite SEO

As well as providing good content for your visitors, you can structure your site to ensure that Google can easily understand what your website is about. This can be achieved by using your main keyword in the title of your article and in the article itself as well as including related keywords. This should be done in a natural way and in many cases the terms you normally use as a solicitor when talking to clients will be those you will use on your site. This is where your keyword research will be helpful as this will provide guidance in creating the content for your website.

Social Media Marketing

As well as your website, it is a good idea to have a presence on social media platforms as these can create greater exposure for your business. For instance, people will look for recommendations on Facebook, so having a page set up for your solicitor’s firm will give people the chance to share your posts with others if they have a good experience with you. Google does look for social information about businesses, so the more places you can be found, the better it will be for your online profile.

If you follow these SEO strategies for your solicitor’s practice, this should help you to gain greater exposure online and more leads for your business.

This short guide has been provided by Legal Marketing Services Agency.