The Cheapest Car Dash Cams Reviewed

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a dash cam to have one that works well.  When dash cams first came out they were quite expensive just like any other electronic device.  Nowadays you can find dash cams for as cheap as $20.00.  These will do a decent job but they will not capture the great video that you will see in the mid to higher priced dash cams.

The Many Different Uses

A dash cam is used for many different purposes.  For the most part they are used as a security device.  Unfortunately we live in a society where many people think of themselves and will not think twice about driving off should they hit another vehicle in a parking lot for example.  For this purpose into capture parking lot accidents you can get a dash cam that has parking mode.  With most cheap dash cams parking mode is not an option so you will need to spend a little more money to have this.

Cheap Dash Cam Footage


Most cheap dash cams will only record video with not so many other features.  The more advanced dash cams will have options like parking mode, GPS, cloud connectivity, G sensor and more.  There are many good tutorials on YouTube for dashboard camera reviews. If you are looking just to record an incident while driving you probably could get away with a cheap dash cam.  You will need to understand that the quality may not be as good which is extremely important.  The reason for this is that in the event of a hit and run, you would need to have the license plate of the offending vehicle clearly seen.  This type of evidence is admissible by the police and insurance companies but it is only good if you can actually see the numbers.

Resolution is Important

As for resolution, the minimal you should have is 1080 P.  Anything less runs the risk of not having vital details visible.  There are some dashboard cameras that will generate 1080 P video resolution that you can get for around $50.00.  That is probably the cheapest that you will find and they do a decent job.  However they may be prone to fail in certain conditions like extreme temperature climates.

You can do a search on Amazon to find a dash cam or just look for dash cam reviews on Google.  During your research first before you buy a cheap dash cam will save you a lot of headaches.  At best, you can get a decent dash cam for around $100 which should do you well for a few years.