Basic Web Design Concepts for Small Business

Designing Your First Website

 How To Create Your First Web Design Brief So You Get Results

You are starting the hunt for a web-designer to build your new website and want to make sure it is perfect. A web design brief lets you tell designers what you hope to accomplish with your site and about your company. Here is what you should include in your first web design brief.

An Introduction

The first few paragraphs of your web design brief should tell designers about your company. Here are a few things you should make sure to include:

1. What your company does.
2. What products and services your company sells.
3. A brief history of your company, including how many years you have been in business.
4. Who is your ideal customer? (This helps the designer target your customers.)
5. Who are your top competitors? (Include links to their websites when possible.)
6. What is your company’s vision and goals for the future?

About Your Website

You need to let the designer know if this is your first website or is a replacement for your existing site. They will want to know a little about your vision, too. Here are a few important elements to include:

1. Why are you having a new website built?
2. What would you like your website to look like? (If you have websites you love, let them know.)
3. What are features did you dislike on your old website?
4. What features are important to retain from the old site?
5. What features do you need on your website? This could include maps, shopping cart, social media icons, opt-in forms and other features.


About Your Customers

You need to provide as much information as possible here. You want your site to appeal to your ideal customer, so help the designers understand who they are. Include information on:

1. Languages your site should use. Does it need only English, or does it need other translations, too?
2. What are the demographics of your customers? Include age, gender, where they live and any other factors you think are important.
3. Why are they visiting your site? Are they looking for information, ready to purchase, seeking entertainment or something else?


Website Appearance

Do you have a vision in mind? If you have a specific picture already in your mind, make sure the designers know it. Include details like:

1. Colors you want used?
2. Do you have pictures you want included on the site?
3. Does your company have a logo?
4. Do you have a special font your company uses?
5. What feel do you want to your content? Do you need it to be serious and professional, lighthearted and humorous, feminine or masculine?

Your Budget and Schedule

You need to make sure you provide designers with information on how much you have budgeted to spend and how fast you need the site done. This allows them to provide you with accurate estimates and keep your project costs in check. Include the following:

1. The budget you expect quotes to stay under.
2. How soon you want to start the project.
3. The deadline the project must be finished by.

Including these items in the web design brief you send to designers will help them provide you with accurate quotes and make sure your site is built to your specifications.

Website Design Basic Concepts

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