Basic Web Design Concepts for Small Business

Designing Your First Website

 How To Create Your First Web Design Brief So You Get Results

You are starting the hunt for a web-designer to build your new website and want to make sure it is perfect. A web design brief lets you tell designers what you hope to accomplish with your site and about your company. Here is what you should include in your first web design brief.

An Introduction

The first few paragraphs of your web design brief should tell designers about your company. Here are a few things you should make sure to include:

1. What your company does.
2. What products and services your company sells.
3. A brief history of your company, including how many years you have been in business.
4. Who is your ideal customer? (This helps the designer target your customers.)
5. Who are your top competitors? (Include links to their websites when possible.)
6. What is your company’s vision and goals for the future?

About Your Website

You need to let the designer know if this is your first website or is a replacement for your existing site. They will want to know a little about your vision, too. Here are a few important elements to include:

1. Why are you having a new website built?
2. What would you like your website to look like? (If you have websites you love, let them know.)
3. What are features did you dislike on your old website?
4. What features are important to retain from the old site?
5. What features do you need on your website? This could include maps, shopping cart, social media icons, opt-in forms and other features.


About Your Customers

You need to provide as much information as possible here. You want your site to appeal to your ideal customer, so help the designers understand who they are. Include information on:

1. Languages your site should use. Does it need only English, or does it need other translations, too?
2. What are the demographics of your customers? Include age, gender, where they live and any other factors you think are important.
3. Why are they visiting your site? Are they looking for information, ready to purchase, seeking entertainment or something else?


Website Appearance

Do you have a vision in mind? If you have a specific picture already in your mind, make sure the designers know it. Include details like:

1. Colors you want used?
2. Do you have pictures you want included on the site?
3. Does your company have a logo?
4. Do you have a special font your company uses?
5. What feel do you want to your content? Do you need it to be serious and professional, lighthearted and humorous, feminine or masculine?

Your Budget and Schedule

You need to make sure you provide designers with information on how much you have budgeted to spend and how fast you need the site done. This allows them to provide you with accurate estimates and keep your project costs in check. Include the following:

1. The budget you expect quotes to stay under.
2. How soon you want to start the project.
3. The deadline the project must be finished by.

Including these items in the web design brief you send to designers will help them provide you with accurate quotes and make sure your site is built to your specifications.

Website Design Basic Concepts

This article has been contributed by Web Design NI who are well-known in Northern Ireland and the UK for developing effective websites that help business owners communicate with their customers in order to understand and meet the developing needs of a mobile generation.

Digital Marketing – Strategy Talk Time

Digital Marketing Strategy Northern Ireland

Digital Marketing Services Offered In Northern Ireland

If you’re a business or website owner based in Northern Ireland or the surrounding area, or you serve the area, then you need digital marketing in Northern Ireland. There are many services offered within digital marketing, and a professional can provide you with them. Let’s go over a few digital marketing services.

A digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland can provide you with search engine optimisation, which involves using various methods to boost your website’s rank in the results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO can result in your website receiving organic traffic on a regular basis, and when done properly, your site could end up ranking very well for competitive keywords. SEO can take a bit of time to generate results, but the time and effort it takes is well worth it.

Content Marketing
Content marketing involved marketing content via blogs, websites, niche sites and more. When content marketing is done properly, it can result in people find articles related to your business or niche, and then they will be able to learn more about your business, website or information you want them to know about. One of the best things about content marketing is it can double as a link-building strategy, which means links within the content being marketed point back to your main website.

Understanding Digital Marketing Application for NI Business

Content Creation
Content has and always will be king and if you’re not constantly producing high quality content, then you’re missing out on generating quality traffic, increasing sales, building a list of leads and many other benefits that come along with content creation. A digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland can create content that falls in line with your goals and the overall message you want to convey. The content created will also be enriched with keywords and highly optimised.

Social Media
Social media marketing can be used to boost your presence across various social media platforms and can improve engagement. A digital marketing agency can create social media marketing campaigns with the aim of increasing your followers, engagement, generate traffic to your main website and much more. When social media marketing is done the right way, the results can be amazing.

PPC Management
Pay-per-click management, or PPC management can save you money in the long-run. If you end up launching your own PPC campaigns, then you can easily spend far more than what you intended and you might not get the results you had hoped for. If you want to get the best results possible from PPC, and you want to reach your specific goals with PPC, as well as reduce spending associated with buying adverts, then you should use PPC management services offered by a digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland like

Bear in mind that a professional that provides digital marketing in Northern Ireland offers many other digital marketing services besides the above. What they will do for you depends on what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. With that said, contact a digital marketing firm today and start getting the results you desire.


A Guide to Digital Currencies

Digital currencies are a comparatively new form of money that is decentralized, and that promises to put the power in the hands of the people who use the currencies, rather than in the hands of the banks. With digital currencies, when you buy or sell money, you are buying or selling virtual coins. Each time you spend or receive those coins, the transaction is recorded on a ledger that everyone who uses the coin is sent a copy of – this means that it’s almost impossible to commit fraud, and transactions are much more secure.

Digital currencies are anonymous – you have a wallet address, but others who deal with the transactions don’t know who you are – all they know is the wallet address.

There are a few different types of digital currency. Some are coin based, and some are token based. With the coin based currencies, you can ‘mine’ for money by donating your computer processing power to the network.

With token based currencies, you simply buy the currency, and can then use it. There is no mining.

Digital currencies are good for buying things online anonymously. They are also good for people who want to invest in something that has a potential for a high rate of return. The currencies are incredibly volatile, and can move several percent per day, which makes them quite high risk compared to more traditional instruments, however for those who are able to invest money that they can afford to lose, there is the potential to make some good money.

Digital Currency Resources from Paul McCarthy, Irish Digital Currency Investor –

Paul McCarthy Cork – Facebook,

Paul McCarthy at Wix

Digital currencies are held in a digital wallet, and this wallet also works as a tool for processing transactions, holding the ‘blockchain’ data. Wallets are typically encrypted, and you will have an address, and a complex passcode. You should save these, because if you lose them then you will lose access to the wallet – and there is no getting it back. A huge number of people have lost coins because they have either lost access to the wallet, or destroyed the hard drive that it’s on. Because of the anonymous, secure and concensus-based nature of the main cryptocurrencies, there is no ‘customer service’ that you can call to get your wallet back. There are no ‘password resets’. The responsibility falls to you to keep your account secure, and to keep an accurate record of all of that information so that you don’t lose your assets.

What Happens When You Crash Your Rental Car

Dealing With A Car Accident In A Rental Car

Getting in a car accident is a scary situation, and it can be traumatic if you don’t know what to do next then contact an attorney. This guide is put together by a local car accident attorney so that you can be prepared if this happens to you. Hopefully, if you get in a wreck, you will get the best chance of getting the settlement that you deserve.

Filing A Claim

Once you’ve had a chance to gather yourself after your accident you need to file a claim with your insurance provider. Filing a claim after an accident is an essential step in that process so that your insurance company can get started in gathering evidence so that you can get a claim.

Start by taking down the insurance information of all that was involved in the crash. If there are multiple vehicles and people involved, then it’ll take time and effort to find out exactly what happened and who is at fault. Once that’s found out then they can start reimbursing those in the accident for their claims.

Get An Injury Attorney

Sometimes it can be incredibly tight to get your claim because insurance agencies try to give out the smallest settlement, this is where you will need a capable personal injury attorney that specializes in car accidents. This can be a very tough process since there are a lot of attorneys out there and find the right one to work with you is going to take time and effort. A lot of qualifying will take place, and once you see an attorney to work with, then you can go ahead and hire them to help get your claim prepared.

Hopefully, this guide becomes an excellent resource for you so that when you get into an accident, you know you can visit

Using Your Cell Phone When Visiting Ireland

Staying Connected On Your Next Trip to Ireland

There are a lot of different options available when you travel to Ireland.  As we all know in this increasingly connected planet that we live on, it can be hard to escape the ping of a social media message, text, email or call.

In fact, for many people travelling to somewhere remote like Ireland, is one of the few chances they will get in their Life to take some time off the recidivist nature of the pinging phone.

However, if for some reason you must stay connected, there are a few options.  You could buy a cheap phone on your arrival with a certain number of minutes.  You could speak with your phone company before you leave to find out about their tariffs if making calls from Ireland.  You would also find out the situation with things like your data for services like skype, wattsapp, facebook and many other popular services.